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  • The teachers at Hype Dance Studio have given our girl a drive to try things she has never done before. She works hard and loves it and it is because of the time and energy that the teachers put into her. We are so thankful to have found that "thing" that excites her & we are thankful to Hype for teaching her the love of dance!

    Molly T.

  • Fusion Dance Company 

    Our Mission….

    Our mission is to offer professional dance training in all genres of dance to young, aspiring dancers. We strive to offer frequent and abundant opportunities that will enhance their dance knowledge and training. We will work as mentors to dancers and nurture them in a positive learning environment.  We will provide ample opportunities for all dancers to perform and compete with dance as an art form.

    The Program 

    Fusion Dance Company exists to provide accelerated training to dancers who desire it. It also presents numerous opportunities so that dancers may take this training as far as they’d like to. Every dancer in Fusion Dance Company will have options...and most importantly, opportunity. Everyone has the ability to excel, and everyone has the opportunity to make it happen! Fusion Dance Company is one cohesive family of dancers comprised of different styles and ages. The Company as a whole offers training and choreography in jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, improvisation and more. As many dancers choose to study all genres of the program, dancers may also choose to specialize in one or two. Although we believe training in all styles is valuable, we also appreciate those who desire a smaller time and/or financial commitment. It is our goal to offer this amazing training opportunity to all dancers at multiple levels of involvement.


    Lil Fusion – Kindergarten – 1st grade (no audition required)

    Mini Fusion – 1st – 4th grade

    FDC Company – 4th & up





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